Sell Runxin Brand Manual Many Way Valve with Ceramic Core Model F56

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Runxin Brand Manual Many Way Valve with Ceramic Core Model F56

This valve adopts two slice pieces of high hardness and high plane degree ceramic polished piece with open hole and hydrazine hole relatively rotating to realize different fluid passways. So, it achieves the purpose of running, inverse flushing, front washing.
This valve has some excellent characteristics as follows
Long life: it difficult to wear away (referrring to the small matters) because of the ceramic material with high hardness degree.
Excellent seal capability: high plane degree attachment of working parts; well prevention effect.
Small rotating angle: the surface of working parts has high roughness degree; small friction coefficient; light handle.
Reasonable design for fluid way: working procedure: running->frontwashing-> backwashing-> frontwashing-> running, which changes the structure of original ball valve, running->backwashing->running->frontwashing->running.
Range of application
Apply to industry and civil water process system extensively. Such as household soft water system, inversion osmosis advance process system, boiler feedwater softening, swimming pool filter plant, etc.