Sell Russian M100 10585-75 Fuel Oil

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PRODUCT: Russian M100 10585-75 Fuel Oil
ORIGIN: Russian or as Seller's Choice
QUANTITY: 400,000MT x12 month
PRICE: FIXED PRICE CIF per metric tons USD 345
PAYMENT: By Irrevocable, Non-Transferable, Confirmed and Auto-Revolving Documentary Letters of Credit, payable 100% at sight upon presentation of Original shipping documents. LC will be issued From
Top 25 Prime banks in favor of Franz & Schiller Group Limited via Bvl 233
PB: Performance Bond at Rate 2% from the commercial Invoice

1) BUYER / END USER accept all terms and conditions of THE TERM SHEET by returning the Acknowledge Letter (without change) . If buyer agrees then we will send banking information for BCL.
2) BUYER issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) with Bank Comfort (BCL") Letter from Top 25 Prime Bank.
3) SELLER will issue Letter of Readiness or FCO to the BUYER and after acceptance of L. O. R. or FCO, should sign and return ONLY by the BUYER/ END USER.
4) SELLER issues Draft Contract and sends to BUYER by email. (All email transactions is legal and acceptable by SELLER and BUYER) .
5) BUYER and SELLER sign contract and copies; lodged with respective banks.
6) After Three (3) banking days, buyer issue Pre-Advise or Non-Operative DLC from Top 25 World PRIME Bank.
7) SELLER provides BUYER with Proof of Product (POP) bank to bank, and upon acceptance of the POP, BUYER establishes non-operative Documentary Letter of Credit in Favor of the SELLER to Seller's bank.
8) SELLER issues 2% Performance Bond to activate the BUYER'S Non-Operative Letter of Credit -L/C.
9) SELLER nominates vessel, loads, and gives ETA to BUYER.
10) BUYER obtains Free In and Free Out permit of Seller's vessels at Discharge Port.
11) All other procedures are subject to the final contract.
NOTE:  The Seller will only accept requests and documents from the End Buyer.

 The above commodity is based on the specifications, price terms, and conditions; subject
to seller's final confirmation and unsold product.

1. Ash content, not more % 0.14
2. Mass fraction of sulphur, not more % Low sulphur residual oil 0.5
3. Temperature of the flash, not less C In closed crucible In the open crucible C 110 min
4. The temperature of solidification, not higher C 25
5. Kinematics viscosity 118 max
6. Water content 0.5%
7. Mechanical impurities Lower than 0.1%
8. Acidity Lower than 5 mg KOH/ 100ml
9. Alkalinity nil
10. Gross Calorific Value kcal/kg / KJ/kg Min 9200/41300
11. Density at 15,0 deg. C Kg/l 0.8900-0.9200
12. Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S) pom 0.5 max
13. Carbon Residual Lower than 7%
14. Vanadium (V) ppm 23
15. Aluminum (Al) ppm 5
16. Silicon (Si) ppm 12
17. Nickel (Ni) ppm 49
18. Asphaltenes m/m 3.6%
19. Distillation @4 mm Hg Extracted to 760 mm Hg
Initial Boiling Point deg. C 216
5% recovered deg. C 259
10% recovered deg. C 310