Sell Russian Urea N46

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we can supply Russian N46 Urea 60000tons per month and the spec as below:
Nitrogen 46% min
Moisture 0.5% to 0.30% max by method drying
Free ammonia 160 pxt, ppm max
Biuret 1.0% max
Free flowing 100% anticaking treated, free from harmful substance prilled
Melting point 132.7 degree celsius
Granulation 1 mm - 4 mm  min 90  94%
Colour urea white foam, odourless or slight ammonia odour
Odour threshold not available
Boiling point decomposes before boiling
Hazardous none according to controlled product
Ingredients regulations
Urea 100%
Radioactivity none
Physical sate solid @ 20 cand 101 kps, white granules
Specific gravity solid at 20 c  1.335 t/m3

Smoke concentration N/ one

Floatability/ Pool moreover blendes water

Consist of numerator weight : 60.065
Supply Capacity
60000 ton Per Month