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We are the manufacturer of Authentic Russian vodka made by traditional national recipes complemented by Ancient Cossack spirit traditions.
Excellent quality at a very competitive price!
The best quality (and in fact the only genuine vodka) is made from grain, not from potato or any other materials. And the really elite quality of vodka is unconditionally made from the very best quality Lux grade spirit and natural(non distilled) high quality water, purified and softened. And be sure real Russian vodka is unconditionally contains 40% Alcohol, lower percentage means lower quality materials. Our vodka meets these requirements.
We present Lux grade vodka at the price of average quality vodka!
The real taste of genuine vodka from the South Russia.
We offer a wide range of compositions to satisfy various tastes.
Our vodkas are prizewinners of the Russian national contests 100 Russian Best Goods (December 2004) , For best Price-Quality Concordance at Prodexport (specialized food fair) in March 2005, at the exhibition The World of Food Products in March 2005 Novocherckasskaya vodka was awarded with the Gold medal and Ataman Vihr was awarded with the Silver medal. And these are only some latest examples of our awards and prizes.
These vodkas are also available in bulk. If interested, please don`t hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards,

Victor Tchutchenko
Export director
JSC Novocherkassk Liquor and Vodka Plant