Sell Rutile Titanium Dioxide (SR-237)

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Rutile Titanium Dioxide
Item No. : SR-237

SR-237 is a silica/alumina inorganic surface treated rutile pigment along with special organic surface treatment. It is a universal, multipurpose grade that incorporates high optical properties and good weather stability suitable for extensive applications in exterior/interior coatings, powder coatings, latex emulsion paints, primer paints, paper-making, printing ink, rubber, master batches, plastics and profile etc. It provides good whiteness, high gloss, exceptional tinting strength, high durability and ease of dispersion.

1/Main Properties
Chemical Element: Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) /Type Rutile (Type R)
Category: ISO591-1: 2000 (E) R2 ASTM D-476-00: V
Colour Index No. : White pigment 6 (77891)
CAS NO. : 13463-67-7
EINECS NO. : 236-675-5
Specific Gravity: 4.0g/cm3
Status: White powder
Packing: 25kg/multi-layer paper-PE bag, 500kgs or 1000kgs per big bag.

2/Quality Index
TiO2 content (%) : 93 (min)
Whiteness (%) : 96.7 (min)
Rutile content (%) : 97 (min)
Tinting strength (European Unit) : 180
Oil absorbation (g/100g) : 19 - 24

PH, aqueous suspension: 7.0-9.0
Residue on 325 mesh (%) : 0.02(max)
Volatile substance at 105 C (%) : 0.75(max)
Resistance, aqueous extraction (Ohms)/cm: 5000
Solution in Water (%) : 0.5 (max)

Kindly note that the above specification is only for your reference, the exact quality is as per our actual sample. To determine if our product is fit for your specific application, kindly make a test on our sample beforehand.