Sell S(+) -2-hydroxy-4-phenyl-Butyic Acid

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S(+) -2-hydroxy-4-phenyl-Butyic Acid is a kind of chiral unnatural amino acid. This kind of amino acid and its ester are widely used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and pesticides. It is a very important intermediate for the synthesis of drugs such as ACE(Angiotension Converting Enzyme) Inhibitor and CHF(Congestive Heartfailure) .
Both Physiologic Investigation and clinical trial testified that ACE Inhibitor has been regarded as the landmark in the history of cardiovascular drugs. Owing to its excellent clinical curative effect and good tolerance, it has been firstly chosen to manufacture drugs for hypertension such as Captopril, Enalapril, Benazepri. These drugs are in top ten list in the world. Among the 19 types of ACE inhibitors, 12 types contain chiral unnatural amino acid, L-homophenlyalanine.
L-homophenlyalanine is also an important chiral intermediate to synthesize ?-lactam antibiotics, acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and neutral endopeptidase(NEP) inhibitor.