Sell S-204 Decontamination disinfection

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S-204 Disinfection Powder

Chlorinated high tech disinfection powder solvent in water with multi-use characteristics.

A practical and effective disinfectant shall have following characteristics:

* effective against the pathogenic or food destructive organisms present in the immediate environment.
* quick-acting
* safe to use
* leniency towards the surface to be disinfected
* stable even if stored a long time
* environmentally friendly
* affordable

S-204 Disinfection Powder has the above characteristics.

The advantage with Disinfection Powder can be summarized, in one stroke it comply with high demands on effectiveness, functionality, health characters, environmental characters and economy. In addition to this it is effective also in other valuable purposes such as bleaching, cleaning, sanitation and deodorant .

Effective against:

* germs, bacteria and virus
* Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
* TB  tuberculosis
* HIV/Aids
* Hepatitis

Packing: 50 kg steel drums.