Sell S60 Garage Door Opener (Top Type of Chain Drive Opener)

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S60 Garage Door Opener (Top Type of Chain Drive Opener)
S60 Operator adopts type C galvanization rail, power-off auto locking system with national exclusive patent. The garage door can be locked automatically when power-off occurs during operation.
Advanced rail structure with national patent, instruction only requires connecting motor head and rail, and adjustment of rails is not necessary.
Auto travel memory, travel switch is not required, adjustment of garage door switch is accurate, convenient so fault rate is very low.
Advanced slow start & stop technology, reducing wallop effectively so as to move smoothly, quietly and have longer working life.
Auto detect and set load forceand closing open close door load force, manual adjustment is not required, higher protective sensitivity when door meets barrier.
Distinctive auto delay door-closing system, considerable safety function, the door will close automatically if you forget to close the door, auto close door delay time can be set from 15 seconds to 25 minutes.
Fault self-checking functions anytime during operation, relevant fault information displayed on LED making adjustment and maintenance convenient.
Data adjustment is made through two-level menu guide operation scheme when setting the running mode. Setting information is displayed on LED, quick, correct simple and convenient, set procedure according to your requirements freely, make the operation interesting.
Providing burglar alarm interface so that the external alarming device can be connected .

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