Sell S6700 Series Thermostat(Substitute AIRPAX 6700)

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Application Field:
Be used in: 1. PCB 2. Heat sink
The Product Sells Point:
The S6700 series is a RoHS compliant, positive snap action, single pole / single throw, sub-miniature bimetallic thermostat which provides accurate and reliable sensing and switching in a single device.
The S6700 series may be automatically placed and soldered onto PC boards with high speed automated
equipment, eliminating the need for the expensive hand placement and termination required today for most power supply thermostats.
The S6700 provides fast, positive response with excellent repeatability. The thermostat has a switch capability of up to 1 amp for 48 VDC or 120 VAC for 30,000 cycles, and achieves low-level switching down to 0.001A to 0.020A at 5 VDC for 100,000 cycles. Temperature is pre-set at the factory and is non-adjustable in the field.
The S6700 series is ideally suited for use on crowded PC boards. Typical uses include turning
on an indicator light, sounding an audible alarm, switch on a control circuit to send a message to a display screen or even switching a circuit to shut down a system. Applications include power supplies, computers and computer peripherals, aircraft, automotive, medical devices and test equipment.

Key Specifications/Special Features :
Contact Resistance:
100 milliohms max (before and after rated life)
Contact Ratings:
Cycles Voltage Amps (resistive)
30,000 48 VDC 1.0
30,000 120 VAC 1.0
100,000 5 VDC 0.020
100,000 5 VDC 0.001

Contact Operations:
Either close on rise (make) or open on rise (break)
Operating Temperature Range:
400C to 1200C (1040F to 2480F)
Standard Operating Temperature Tolerance:
150C (190F) nominal operating temperature settings
in 50C increments
Long Term Exposure Limit:
-550C to 1600C (-670F to 3200F)

Dielectric Strength:
Nickel-plated copper bracket has 1480 VAC 60Hz, 1 second
duration terminals to case. Laminated non-conductive bracket
has 2000 VAC 60Hz, 1 second duration terminals to case.

Insulation Resistance:
100 Mohms at 500 VDC
Contact Bounce (make) :
3 milliseconds max

Approximately 0.5 grams

Terminal material is selectively striped with electrolytic tin over
nickel strike for improved solderability and RoHS compliance.

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