Sell S9-M-oil transformer

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S9-M-30~2000kVA Three Phase Oil-immersed Transformer

Different from normal type, S9-M-30~2000KVA Three phase oil-immersed transformer is cooled by the corrugated plate of tank without conservator. It is applicable to 10kV, 50Hz power transmission and distribution system for power supply and lighting in industrial and agricultural field.


1. Energy saved
Compared with old type S7, no-load loss decreases 10.25% averagely and on-load current decreases 37.9%, which means 18.39% operation cost is reduced.
2. Long-term reliable service life
Fully enclosed transformer tank and rim shall be bolted together or welded firmly. Isolation between oil and air keeps insulation away from moisture, which lowers insulation aging and improves service life.
3. Free from untanking
Free from untanking before operation, so its cost is saved. .
4. Free from maintenance
5. Low noise
Impacted structure in design, new material and new technology adopted and low noise.
6. Small size and artistic appearance
Owing to the corrugated plate used for radiation, oil volume is changed by adjustment and compensation through expansion and shrinkage of corrugated plate when the temperature of oil is changed. Corrugated tank is small size in good looking.