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Our safflower seed oil contains rich Linoleic
Acid(80%-87%) or rich Oleic Acid(>70%) ---Cold Pressed Oil without hexane or other harmful chemicals.

The products match the EU quality standard and it is the only Safflower seed oil manfacture enterprise that can match the EU EC1881-2006 standard, 80% of the products export to the EU, Korea and Japan.

Edible Uses
Safflower seed oil, an edible oil is obtained from the seed. It contains a higher percentage of essential unsaturated fatty acids and a lower percentage of saturated fatty acids than other edible vegetable seed oils, is used in salad dressings, cooking oils and margarines, a very stable oil, to be healthier than many other edible oils and its addition to the diet helps to reduce blood-cholesterol levels.
Medicinal Uses
Alterative; Analgesic; Antibacterial; Anticholesterolemic; Antiphlogistic; Antitumor; Cardiac; Contraceptive; Diaphoretic; Diuretic; Emmenagogue; Febrifuge; Laxative; Purgative; Sedative; Stimulant; Tonic; Vermifuge.
Other Uses
Adhesive; Cosmetic; Dye; Oil; Waterproofing.