Sell SB61Z+ series AC Drive for injection molding machines

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Senlan SB61Z+ series frequency inverter (AC drive) is especially designed for injection molding machines. It not only inherits most core functions from SB60+ & SB61+, but also has some special-designed functions for injection molding machines.

SB61Z+ is easy to operate. It is not only adopts the V/F control and speed sensorless vector control technology but also equipped with high-performance DSP. The design and R&D of SB61Z+ are strictly in accordance with the Chinese national GB/T 12668.2-2002 standard.

Specifications of SB61Z+:

4 channels of special electric isolated analog inputs for injection molding machine can improve the interference immunity.

The special-designed functions of SB61Z+ ensure the injection molding machine to run at optimal state. It not only meets the processing requirements but also economizing electric energy.

The built-in inverter/commercial power switch enables the motor power supply to switch between inverter and commercial power.

Automatic monitoring and controlling during the whole production process lead to convenient operation

The noise will be reduced after using SB61Z+, which will finally ameliorate the working environment.

The injection molding machine achieves soft start and runs at a stable speed after being controlled by SB61Z+. SB61Z+ also reduces the mold opening/closing vibration, oil temperature and avoids collisions among the components as well as prolongs the life of the seal parts and the whole machine.

Majority of SB61Z+'s core components are foreign top brand products and it is also equipped with high-speed DSP. Therefore, SB61Z+ performs great reliability and stability during the operation.

The integrated cabinet structure with wheels enable SB61Z+ easy to be installed and moved.
CE ISO9001&3A2000 14001