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We are providing SBLC to lease on Euro.

The value is upto 5Billion Euro. We are using top 5 bank in the world.
The fee will be 7+2+2, lessee will only required release the upon confirmation of MT-760 from provider's bank.
Applicant is required to show their credit line as proof their capability to take the offer.

There's no upfront or any hidden cost before releasing of MT-760.

Once your enquirie came in we issue the draft LOI who the applicant to fill up and submit together with credit line.

The provider will then issue contract to the applicant. Once the applicant sign and seal the contract in 7 banking days, thats after the the provider done the D&I, the provider will arrange for the MT-760.

Upon receivel of the MT-760, the where the fees payment will took place.
1- 7% to the provider
2- 2% to the provider's banking group
3- 1-1.5% to my group and the banking officer
4- 0.5-1% to applicant's group.

I hope that all the applicant won't waste their time with "market scammer's" where they will asking for wire transfer, upfront fee and a sum of money on Escrow.

A real provider won't ask for any dollars if they have their "goods" in hand. Thanks.

Supply Capacity
1Billion Euro
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
1year 1 day