Sell SBS/APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane

SBS/APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane You May Also Be Interested In: app modified bitumen app modified bitumen membrane bitumen waterproofing bitumen waterproofing membrane modified bitumen membrane
Grade I: Bace: Y-Polyester,
Top surface: PE-E membrane or S-Fine sands,
Thickness: 2mm or 3mm.

Grade II: Bace: G-Fibreglass,
Top surface: MMineralgrains/slates,
Thickness: 4mm

Our exporting bituminous membranes include:
1- sbs modified bitumen membrane
180gr/m² spunbond polyester+distilled bitumen with highly resilient elastomeric(thermoplastic) resin sbs
2- app(uv resistant) bitumen membrane
Spunbond polyester+distilled bitumen with app
3-normal modified bitumen membrane
Reinforced fiberglass mat tissue+non woven polyester+distilled bitumen
Top surface of membranes is covered by slate flakes or chippings, sand or layer of aluminium foil according customers requirments.