Sell SC-720 Vacuum-Forming machine

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Main use:
The SC series are full auto-high speed plastic make-up machine, suitable for PVC??P??ET??E??PP??OF??S??BS etc roll plastic sheet materials , and can make different shape and standard plastic bubble cap. Such as the outside package of hardware, stationery, daily-used articles, electric appliance, lamps, industrial products, health articles, oral liquid medicine, tabloid etc as well as food box, cup, cover, bowl, moon cake box, and dish.
Main Features:

1. Control system: Adopts PLC full automatic programmable control system??nable and send the material ???eating ???uck and mould ??????trip ???aterials and so on automatically and work serially.

2. Control part: Adopts imported allocation. Such as (OMRON, CKC, TOSHBA etc) , improve the control performance of the machine, especially guaranteed character and quality of the complete machine.

3. Operate interfaces: Adopt advanced touch-sensitive screen, which is convenient and stable; monitor the operation state in right time, reveal operating procedure and basic technical documents.

4. Heating system: Adopts far infrared ceramics heating plate, have six-shelf control switch, controls the temperature even, saves the power consumption.

5. Delivering materials part: Adopts delicate moderate electrical machinery give material, combine double sharp stitch roller chain transmission; Operate and can still guarantee it is accurate and steady, it is convenient, swift to adjust the temperature at a high speed, reduce the waste material to the greatest extent.

6. Mechanical part: it has purpose-built alloy track made in aluminum, it is not out of shape, it is outstanding for cool efficient, it has small friction coefficient, has not shaken.

7. Control way: both for automation and hand, try on mould and produce in batches at will changing, easy and simple to operate.

8. Additional function: Secondary mold, secondary vacuum, delay vacuum, vibrated stripping, min-adjustable and so on, and guarantee the molding quality and speed.