Sell SCA radio

SCA radio
1/FM/sca 2 band
2/operation power source DC 6v d cell x 4pcs and external AC adaptor(ul/CSA approved)
3/FM band coverage 88mhz - 108mhz
3a/FM sensitivity typical 22db limit 28db
3b/FM 30db/sn useful sensitivity typical 26db limit 32db
4/sca x'tal control fixed frequency
4a/subcarrier frequency 67or/and 92khz switchable(if only one subcarrier frequency switch changed to tone high/low function)
4a/sca 30db/sn useful sensitivity typical 20db limit 30db
4b/distortion typical 3% maximum 5%
4c/audio power output typical 700mw maximum 1000mw
5/3 inch speaker