Sell SCB9 series of dry type transformer

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SC (ZB) 9 (JUC) series dry transformers are casted with international advanced resin insulation which was imported from Switzerland. It is widely applied in high building, commercial centrals, airports, bus station, docks, subways, factories, underground power distribution station, drilling platform of sea petroleum, power plant and so on. .

1. HV winding is made of enameled copper wire and LV winding of copper foil. HV winding is made of fiberglass mesh cloth board, and cast with epoxy in the vacuum, after solidified it come integer, which has the advantage as high mechanical strength, little partial discharge, and high reliability ect.
2. With the advantages as explosion-proof, burning-proof, pollution-free , it can be installed in the load center,
3. The coil do not absorb moisture. Treated with special art, the coil can service in the bad environment as 100% humidity, and dont have to do dehumidification during intermittent service
4. With the feature as high short-circuit withstand capability, high resistance to lighting and impact, high overload resistance ect.
5. With thin resin insulating layer, the transformer has high radiation ability.
6. The loss of the transformer is very low, and it is kind of energy saving product, and dont have to maintain; small size of the product make the products occupy little space, and c convenient to install.
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