Sell SCE series of laser engraving machine

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Equipment performance
The machine adopts the CO2 as its working lamp-house, it is the high technical product composed by proprietary software of laser engraving, automatic control system and precisely controlled working table. With simple operation, agile and convenient edition, and it is compatible of various software: AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc. it is widely applied in seal, advertising, handicraft industry, electron, etc. It has unique merits: computerized edition, laser engraving, rich typeface, speedy engraving, simple operation, and so on. The machine can engrave on all kinds of seal on various seal materials of plastic, organic, buffalos and cow horns, wood, ink storage stray and so on. It can not only engrave and cut all kinds of brand, signal, double colored plate, immediate paste, but also can engrave and make various handicrafts, souvenirs, advertising images and characters.

The main of technical parameters
Model SCE-30P SCE35H SCE40F
Optical maser CO2 laser CO2 laser CO2 laser
Laser power 0-30W continuously adjustable 0-35W continuously adjustable 0-40W continuously adjustable
Engraving area 100W100mm 220W180mm 265W320mm
Engraving speed <=250mm/s <=250mm/s <=250mm/s
The accuracy of repeated orientation <=0.1mm <=0.1mm <=0.1mm
Power supply 220V/50Hz/300W 220V/50Hz/400W 220V/50Hz/600W
Main engine volume 920W260W240mm 800W500W240mm 800W550W960mm
Weight 15Kg 40Kg 70Kg
Cooling ways Circulation of water cooling Circulation of water cooling Circulation of water cooling
Engraving software Proprietary software recommended by Ministry of Public Security DK-YZ Engraving software DK-YZ Engraving software