Sell SCM series S super thin mill

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On basis of many times experiments and improvement, introducing the latest mechanical techniques of Sweden, SCM Series S Micro-power Grinding Mill . the latest industrial micro-power grinding mill, is a new type grinding machine for producing micro-power.

SCM series S super thin mill can grind calcite, limestone, calcite, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, illite, pyrophillite, barite, meerschaum, fluorite, potash ore and other more than 200 kinds of material that Moh's hardness is blow 9, non-explosive, non-flammable minerals.

Note: When users grind the material that hardness degree is between 4 and 6, the service life of the wearing parts will be shortened.

Model : SCM6015 , SCM8021 , SCM1027
Roller number: 15, 21, 27
Diameter (mm) : 600, 800 , 1000
Ring number:2,2,2
Main unit speed(mm) :235,235,235
Max. feeding size(mm) :10, 10, 10
Final size (mesh) : 325-2500, 325-2500, 325-2500
Capacity (kg/h) : 350-2500, 600-4000, 900-6000
Overall dimension (m) : 10W2W5.5, 12.4W2.5W5.8, 14.5W3.8W6.3