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Our principal can offer HMS 1, HMS 1&2 and Used Rails direct from a Finnish-US seller owning a couple of metal scrap yards in the area of Black Sea and continuously and routinely supplying large amounts of the material.

Minimum order quantity is 30,000 MT x 12 months (only yearly contracts, no trial orders) .

SELLER PRICE LIST Quantity / MTx12months
HMS 1&2(ISRI 200-206) US$/MT CIF ASWP
Used Rails (R50-R65) /US$/MT CIF ASWP
QTY/MTH X 12MTH HMS1 HMS1&2 (R50-R65)
30,000 184 174 194
60,000 182 172 192
90,000 180 170 190
120,000 178 168 188
150,000 176 166 186
180,000 174 164 184
200,000 172 162 182
300,000 170 160 180
600,000 168 158 178


Documentary, Irrevocable, Non-transferable, Revolving (or FFDLC,
dependent on the buyer) and CONFIRMED LC payable 100% at sight of Ocean bill of Lading.

Please note that the seller will neither accept transferable/transferred or back-to-back LCs, nor deviate from above mentioned conditions of LC, so please make sure that you/your buyer LOI will come to us already with properly mentioned LC payment mode.

(Seller is doing as straight and clear business as it is possible in the field: ONE COMPANY, ONE FUND ACCOUNT IN ONE BANK, ONE DESTINATION, ONE END BUYER, ONE CONTRACT. Otherwise there are exposures to stack with endless frauds and discussions. So we need clear set of documents on behalf of each company separately and only if funds are sure. ) For reseller/trader, a deposit of USD 1 million adjusted for 12 months is required. However, if reseller/trader can issue to seller the end-user statement, the deposit maybe waived. OR TT WIRE FOR FIRST

The CONTRACT will be made ONLY DIRECTLY BETWEEN END-BUYER AND SELLER in order to avoid any possible complications.

Performance Bond:
PB 2% backed by SBLC will be issued only after receipt of the operative LC from the end-buyer and after verification that the swift matches the contract terms; PB becoming automatically operative at the time of the first billing.

Please review the NCNDA, fill in your address, sign & seal and return.

Please note: On receipt of NCND and LOI and BCL or LOI with bank coordinates authorized for soft probe seller can issue FCO and draft contract. After client has reviewed and fully understood the draft contract thereafter the seller will issue final contract.

The sale process is much standardized and strict, but the sale
conditions are well developed, effective and very balanced as you will see quite soon. These conditions will help you and final buyer to save time and money.

Please note that at the moment - due to extremely bad performance of Indian banks and due to substantial loss and damage caused by some Indian buyers to the seller in the past - any potential Indian buyer has to go on a 10% deposit contract (with few exceptions, for example if the (end-) buyer is a very big group that is able to demonstrate strong financial solvency) .

- Buyer sends LOI and BCL or LOI with soft probe permission (LOI
on end buyer's letterhead) .
- Seller issues draft contract and signed & sealed FCO .
- Buyer accepts, signs and stamps and returns to seller.
- Buyer provides POF.
- Seller sends the real, final contract with the expiration date
of 3 days.
- Buyer signs and stamps and returns it.
- Buyer issues operative LC.
- Seller issues 2% PB.
- Shipment begins.

No yard visit, no visit of port of loading; no PB before the LC - only after receipt of operative LC (no exception made by seller!) Buyer can visit the seller in their office in Helsinki, Finland, for signing of the final contract. The buyer can see some pictures of the material and some old SGS and Clean On Board Bill of Lading (OBOL) paper. Then also can be discussed an exceptional visit of the loading port.

The Seller will issue to us, as the primary broker concluding the deal, an Irrevocable Master FPA at the moment of the issuing/signing of the final contract, that will include the commission and/or kickback-commission which will be disbursed each time after funds will be cleared on seller's account, i. e. after each shipment payment. Until that your rights are protected by NCNDA. We will make disbursements of the commission and/or kickback-commission fees to the intermediaries immediately after receipt of the due fees from the Seller in our account. We can issue separate FPA with buyer side in line with the Irrevocable Master FPA issued by the Seller. But our bankers cannot endorse this separate FPA as long as the fees are not received from the Seller. However, you may rest assured that we will execute the disbursement of the brokerage fees in an absolutely reliable and correct manner! You just would have to inform us on the disbursement scheme and make sure that overpricing will stay within reason.

We trust above offer will be of your full satisfaction and await your soonest reply