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Dear Sirs:
Our company QINGDAO JIANBANG INTL TRADE CO. , LTD.  Offers you Steel Scrap HMS-1/2,
HMS-1, USED RAILS R-50-65 and Iron Ore Concentrate (Fe-62,5%) .


Single delivery a party - 30 000 tons. Concluding the annual Contract under
the fixed price is possible by deliveries till 30 000 tons each month,
each 3-4 months.

All Prices CIF ASWP per MT in USD on September 2005

30,000 MT/month $200.00 $208.00 $215.00
60,000 MT/month $195.00 $208.00
90,000 MT/month $190.00 $200.00
120,000 MT/month $185.00 $195.00

Prices are subject to change without notice, unless a contract is registered with the seller.

Commodity: Heavy Melting Scrap 1 (ISRI 200-202)
Heavy Melting Scrap 1&2 (ISRI 200-206)
Used Rail Scrap (ISRI R50-R65)

Origin: Central Europe, North Africa. Specific Port will be designated by Seller.

Payment Terms: Unconditional, Irrevocable, (confirmed not for China Bank) ,
Non-Transferable, Divisible, Documentary Letter of Credit which shall be
issued by the buyers bank defined as BUYERS BANK directly to the Sellers
Bank. BUYERS BANK shall issue in favor of the Seller 1 (one) Letter of Credit.

The Form of payment  very good and interesting for the Buyer interesting. The Letter of Credit is broken and is opened by 3 parts:

1) 20 % from the sum of the Letter of credit open after notarially certified
the documents, that the cargo for the concrete Buyer is transported and
is prepared in the port of loading, name of a vessel, registration
Number AQSIQ of the Supplier in China.

2) 60 % is opened as before after termination loading and granting
All documents in bank (it are in given still the certificates of quantity, quality,
and Commercial and industrial chamber)

3) Rest 20 % after a unloading of the goods in port of destination, verification and
signings of the Certificates and documents by Inspections.

Packaging: Loose  bulk.

Delivery Schedule:
The Seller shall ship the total quantity of goods within a 45 + 15 day
period in accordance with the Delivery Schedule.

The AQSIQ number will be provided with all shipping documents -NOT IN ADVANCE. We have several 39 AQSIQ numbers according several 39 scrap yards which belongs to the supplier. Only after the LC will be confirmed we will know from which scrap yard the goods will be delivered and the AQSIQ number will be provided.

POP: Bank to bank can be given after receipt of MT-705 in sellers bank.

Inspection: Buyer or buyer representative visit to loading port can be arranged
after MT-705 has been received at sellers bank.

SGS or CCIC at loading port, at time of loading and part of payment documents.

Terms and Procedure

1. LOI with full banking details and permission for soft probe and BCL.
2. Seller provides FCO to be signed and returned by Buyer.
(With signing of FCO buyer agrees to issue MT-705 after signing of final contract) .
3. Contract will be provided for negotiations.
4. Buyer will pre-advise LC via SWIFT MT-705 to Seller's bank.
(This can be done without opening LC and does not constitute an in-operative LC) .
5. Bank to bank POP can be provided by seller.
6. Seller will issue fully-funded in-operative SBLC as PB 2% .
7. Buyer's operative LC will activate SBLC.
8. Shipping schedule begins.

If you were interested by our Offers , we shall send you the Draft Contract,
Specification and other documents and Photo of the goods.

We look forward to hearing.

Yours faithfully,

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