Sell SD-9000C Multi-Parameter Patient Monior

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SD9000C Multi-Parameter Patient Monior
Hart rate range Adult 0~300bpm
Pediatric/Neonatal 5~250bpm
Bandwidth 0.05 Hz ~100Hz
Accuracy +-1%
Alarm range High/Low limits setting useradjustable auto memory
ECG lead GDN, I, II, III; avR, aVL , avF, V1-V6
Resolution 1bpm
S-T segment analysis -2.0~2.0mv
Arrhythmia analysis Yes
Lead off alarm Yes audible and visible alarm
Sweep speed 12.5, 25 , 50mm/sec
Gain selection *1/2 , *1 , *2 , auto
Protection Withstand 4000vac/50hz voltage in isolation and work against eletrosurgical interfence and defibrillation
ECG lead/cable General lead/cable for adult Pediatric Neonatal patients

Display Spo2 value, pulse histogram, waveform, pulse
Range 0~100% for adult , pediatric and neonatal patients
Resolution +-1%
Accuracy +-1%(70~100%)
Pulse Range 0~300bpm
Pulse Accuracy +-2bpm
Probe Standard Adult finger clip
Optional Pediatric Ytype clip and neonatal wrap
Alarm High/low limlts setting useradjustable auto memory

Method Autormatic oscillation
Parameters Systolic, diastolic, mean, pulse
Alarm High/low limlts setting useradjustable auto memory
Working mode Manual/Aautormatic/stat(5minutes)
Unit Mmhg/kpa selectable
MeasurEmentRange Adult 10~250mmhg
Pediatric 10~200 mmhg
Neonatal 10~135 mmhg
Cuff pressure range 0~320 mmhg
Cuff type Standard Adult
Optional Pediatric/Neonatal
Cuff inflation <10sec
Cuff deflation <20sec

CAPNOGRAGH(CO2) (optional)
Method Side-stream or main-stream
Display EtCO2, insCO2and RESP rate
Accuracy +-2mmhg
Range 0~99mmhg
Barometric range 500~800mmhg

IBP(dual channel optional) (optional)
Method Pressure transducer
Parameters Systolic, diastolic, mean artery Pressure
Accuracy +-2%
Positions ART, PA, CVP, RAP, LAP, ICP
ART 0~250mmhg
Range PA 0~120 mmhg
CVP -10~40 mmhg

Measurement range 20~45oC
Resolution 0.1 oC
Accuracy +-0.1 oC
Probe Standard Skin surface
Optional Rectal/esophageal
Alarm High/low limlts setting useradjustable auto memory

PRINTER (optional)
Type Bulit-in thermal matrix recorder or external printer (optional)
Print Mode Real-time or event trigged recording or waveforms and texts
Power Supply 100~250VAC/47~63hz
Power Consumption About 50W
Gross weight 15kgs
Dimensions 276H*356W*168D
Battery Sealed lead acid rechargeable
Safety standard IEC601-1 (GB9706.1)

Measurement Method Thoracic impedance
Respiration rate range 0~120bpm
Accuracy +-2%
Alarm High/low limlts setting useradjustable auto memory

12.1color TFT display

1. 12.1color TFT display
2. S-T segment analysis
3. ECG wave freezing for manual analysis
4. Trend data analysis for 12//24/96 hours
5. 400-set paramenters store
6. Againest electrosurgical interference and defibrillation
7. Pacemarker detection
8. Suitable for adult , pediatric and neonatal patients
9. Built-in rechargeable battery
10. Networking capability