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* Compact and portable
* Very easy to use
* Fast data transfer
* High security
* Write protect switc
* Up to 1GB of data storage
* SD Card protocol compatible and supports SPI Mode
* Targeted for portable and stationary applications for secured(copyright protected) and non-secured data storage
* Voltage range:
Basic communication( CMD0, CMD15, CMD55, ACMD41) : 2.0-3.6V
Other commands and memory access:2.7-3.6V
* Variable colock rate 0-25 MHz
* Up to 12.5MB/sec data transfer rate(using 4 parallel data lines)
* Correction of memory field errors
* Copyright Protection Mechanism - Complies with highest security of SMDI standard
* Password Protection of Cards(not on all models)
* Write Protect feature using mechanical switch
* Built-in write protection features(permanent and temporary)
* Card Detection(Insertion/Removal)
* Application specific commands
* Comfortable erase mechanism
Supply Capacity
20,000 units per month
FCC &26 CE
Model Number