Sell SDD Automotive Key Programming

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SDD Automotive Key Programming

The SDD (Silca Diagnostic Device) is a specially designed diagnostic tool capable of adding new Transponder keys to

a vehicle central computer. Security professionals no longer have to depend on On-Board Programming procedures to

add Transponder keys, the SDD quickly and easily originates new keys even when the customer has lost all existing keys. Designed and programmed to fit the needs of North American automotive key cutters, the SDD offers a range of features and vehicle compatibility unrivaled in today market.

The SDD also allows users to delete Transponder keys and diagnose potential transponder problems by communicating directly with the vehicle immobilizer computer. Do not send your customers back to the dealership; the days of turning away high yield automotive jobs are over he SDD is here!

Originates new Transponder keys

Erases lost or stolen Transponder keys

Originates new Remote Keyless Entry Fobs

Eliminates the need for On-Board Programming procedures

Capable of communicating with OBD I, OBD II and CAN equipped vehicles
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Warranty Coverage
one year