Sell SDM-323 the chi machine (massager)

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"The Chi Machine" is one kind of health exerciser which combines science and wisdom, applying a goldfish swimming method and German Kinematics. It gives full play to body's aerobic sport through the sport track and brings a perfect effect in a very short time.

1. To activate sympathetic nerve, improve blood oxygenation circulation and eliminate neuralgia and muscular pain.

2. To improve or eliminate poor posture hurt from occupation and sports.

3. To correct misalignments of the spine, eliminate lumbago and spur.

4. To improve insomnia brought by higher stress on emotion.

5. To exercise and boost the functioning of internal organs. To strengthen and improve the functioning of the stomach while helping to regulate the appetite disorders, prevent from gastroenteritis.

6. To balance the automatic nervous system to normalize physiological functioning throughout the body.

7. To improve immunity capability.

8. To prevent the fatigue or automobile sickness caused by mental stress.

9. To decompose the unnecessary fat to build up body.

1. Complete exerciser, without any side effects.

2. Lie down when using. No pressure because of not supporting your body.

3. No threat of excising danger.

4. Simple, comfortable, easy to form the good habit of exercise.

5. The product has been conferred with Registration Certificate of Medical Device of P. R. C. .