Sell SDS Triangle Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

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1. Its suitable to manufacture side sealing soft loop handle bag, patch handle bag, poly draw bag, die cut handle bag, using PE, PP, OPP, CPP and etc.
2. Feeding by DC-Motor Back-Screen, the machine will stop automatically and bulletin, when the film jam or broken.
4. The main engine uses SCM system, which can control German SICK printing photocell and step-by-step motor, which make the sealing and cutting accurately.
5. The newly designed heat sealing knife can control the sealing pressure and time respectively, using the automatic temperature controller. Therefore it can guarantee that the sealing line of plastic bags which are in different materials and thickness be sealed firmly and beautifully.
6. The heat-knife uses Switzs rolled steel, which is not easily distorted or stuck. And it also has the automatic stop at the high position device to protect the silica gel-stick from been damaged.
7. Out-put configuration: it uses transmission-strap from Italy and the timing of frequency conversion-motor which make the output of bags very steady.
8. The machine is equipped with static electricity remover, and is easy to collect and fold plastics bags. Optional disposition includes Panasonic servo motor, PLC System and Handle Punch.
Main Technical Parameters
Model SDS-700W1000 SDS-E-900W1200 SDS-E-1100W1500
Producing Width 50 -600mm 50 -600mm 80-600mm
Producing Length 100-680 mm 200-860mm 300-1060mm
Producing Speed 30-80 pcs/min 30-80 pcs/min 30-70 pcs/min
Thickness of Film 0.02-0.15mm 0.02-0.15mm 0.02-0.15mm
Feeding Speed 45m/min 45m/min 50m/min
Power required 5.0 kw 5.5kw 5.5kw
N. W. (KGS) 1500kg 1700kg 1950kg
Overall Dimensions 5.1W1.3W2.1 m 5.1W1.5W2.1m 5.1W1.7W2.1m