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The development of Bright Moon Seaweed is carried out on the basis of algae fertilizers rapid growth in coastal areas all over the world. For instance, as a result of its prevalence in European market, its development has worked out objective value. Thus, seaweed development has been firstly started in the Ocean Research Institute of China Academy of Science and finally succeeded. Its success makes up the blank of oceanic chemistrys application in agricultural production. Meanwhile, as pollution brought about by single fertilizer worsens, the development and emergence of green environmental-friendly fertilizer turns out to be a must in China. Hence, I sincerely wish that the emergence of Bright Moon Seaweed can bring forth real benefit to Chinas evironmenal-friendly agriculture and grows into a leading fore in the application of natural fertilizer and oceanic fertilizer in Chinese agriculture. And we would like to gain reorganizations, suggestions and comments from the market.
In the spirit of solidarity, efforts, honest and innovation, our company aims at blazing new trails through innovation and building top-grade enterprise under the guidance of quality guideline, to focus on quality, satisfy customers, keep technological advantage and win market competition. At the same time, after-sales service is regarded as the second principle in marketing of seaweed fertilizer. Our market oath is---all for farmers benefit.
Seaweed fertilizer is a new type natural plant fertilizer jointly developed and produced by Ocean Research Institute of China Academy of Science and our company by extraction from seaweed. It is a part of the Ninth Five-year National Project (96-916-04-02) and cost strenuous research of experts for over five years. As a significant technological breakthrough, it has applied for National patent in September 2000 and successfully passed the approval carried out by the State Science and Technology Department.
Seaweed is a kind of inferior phototrophy plant living in ocean as well as one of the original producers of ocean organic substance. Owing to special environment medium ocean seaweed lives in, besides nutrients owned by land plants, seaweed also contains a large variety of microelements such like iodine, kalium, magnesium, manganese, titanium and so on overriding many land plants as well as algal polysaccharides and mannitol. The unique constitution---algal polyaccharides can not only chelate heavy metal ion, but also enhance air permeation of soil, warding off soil corrosion by wind, water and so on. In addition, seaweed contains various vitamin and nitrogen-contained compound etc.
Comparing with chemical fertilizer, it owns unparalleled advantages to increase production and resist backward environment, natural character and no side effect or hazard. Besides abilities to promote produce development and root growth, enhance photosynthesis and strengthen plant, as natural algal extraction, it is also rich in protein, amino acid, carbohydrate, inorganic salt, vitamin, plant incretion, polyphenol, polysaccharide and many other biologically active substances, which greatly ameliorates produces character, enhances its ability against disease and draught, speeds up fruits maturation and escalates the economic value. .
Organic and inorganic compound fertilizer can be made blending with chemical fertilizer in hopes of enhancing fertilizers efficiency, improving soil constitution, strengthen the air permeation and water protection of soil and prevent from soil deterioration. .
Through physical and chemical reaction, it can blend with pesticide and form a complex, which is an excellent diluting and potentiating agent. This agent is applicable to farm produces including vegetables, fruits, flowers, tea-leaf planning, tobacco, grains, oils and gardening. Thanks to polysaccharide existing in seaweed fertilizer, when mixed with a large majority of pesticides (excluding alkaline pesticides) , it shows powerful adhesion, which can enhance agents efficiency and prolong its effect duration by big margin. br> Bright Moon Seaweed Fertilizer series products include: spraying fertilizer, bottom fertilizer, diluting fertilizer, brightening agent, pesticide diluting agent, flower-use fertilizer and lawn-use fertilizer. .
The special program has worked out analysis of nutrients in various economic seaweeds according to requirements defined by the contract, setting up a system of testing methods for the first time in China over the active constitutions such like cytostromatic, betaine and auxin in algae. Meanwhile, it made innovation in extraction and separation technics of relevant active constitution contained in seaweeds growing agent. Basic research on reaction principle and efficiency of active contents in objective seaweed is also carried out in an effort to setting up a reasonable production technic and test production base. The program has applied for one national patent, publicized 25 thesis and 3 monographs and cultivated 9 graduate students.
New type algal plant growing agent produced by means of full cell physical crushing method has been gone through farm effect experiment in both lab and field, presenting favorable effect in growth promotion and production increment. This program has not only met all requirements defined in contract in an all-round way but also carried forth activities for industrialization and achievements spreading ahead of schedule
Seaweed plant growth promoter (namely Bright Moon Seaweed Fertilizer) is firstly developed and researched in our country and it enjoys a bright prospect and powerful competition. Selecting correct subject, this program fully complies with the need of Chinas current social development. Owing to complete facilities, advanced technical line and great innovation, this program turns out to be an excellent scientific achievement. During implementation, supporting conditions are put into effect well while personnels work and expenditure are reasonably balanced.
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