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We have 7,000 ( seven thousands ) grams of Se74 stable isotope  enriched, non-radioactive, for sale. Chemical purity not less than 99,98%, isotope purity not less than 99,95%. Origin is Russian Federation.

Procedure :
1) Buyer issues LOI (Letter of Intent) with BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) issued by his bank confirming availability of funds for purchasing the commodity.

2) The Seller issues draft contract. If needed, the parties negotiate and finalize the draft contract. The Seller signs and seals the hard copy contract and sends it to the Buyer. The Buyer signs and seals the hard copy contract and returns it to the Seller. Any facsimile copy or electronic signed copy shall be considered as original.

3) Up to three (3) banking days after the final hard copy contract signature, the Buyer provides to the Seller draft Conditional Transfer for approval and then forwards it to the Sellers bank.

4) The Seller delivers the commodity to authorize laboratory of the Fresenius Institute (Germany) for making of neutral analysis and certificate issuing. The making of neutral analysis and certificate issuing is for account of the Seller.

5) If the results of neutral analysis are according to the values at contract, the Buyer receives the commodity against payment of the total value in the Sellers Bank up to 3 (three) banking days.
Supply Capacity
7000 grams
Terms of Payment