Sell SELL Computerized Embroidery Machine

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1) Multi-needle, multi-head
2) Stitch length: 0.1~12.7mm
3) Range: 600 x 1,200mm
4) Speed: 250 -1000rpm
3) Memory capacity: 1,000,000 - 2,000,000 stitches
5) Power input: Three-phase: 220V/380V (50Hz/60Hz) Single-phase: 110V/220V (50Hz/60Hz)
6) Power consumption: 0.75 - 2.0kW
7) Noise: < 80dB
8) Configuration: DAHAO computer, three-phase stepping motor, servo motor (made in
Japan) , hook (made in Japan) , bobbin case (made in Japan) , encoder (made in
9) We can customize the machine to meet our customer needs

1) Auto repeat of embroidery
2) Sticking cloth embroidery
3) Return and complementary embroidery
4) Auto bulk embroidering
5) High / low speed idling running
6) Thread broken detecting
7) Auto return to the stop/original point
8) Manual frame moving
9) Adjustable rotating speed
10) Power failure protection
11) Disk output/input function
12) Design copy, editing & storing
13) Display by digit, liquid crystal
14) Rotating, enlarging and returning for embroidery design
15) Auto lubrication function (choose by client)
16) Auto/manual color changing (choose by customers)
17) Auto thread cutting (choose by client)

1) Machine stand is made of large beam with advantage of high tensile and steady
2) Heads, stitch frame, rotary hook case are all made by CN
3) The rotary hook, bobbin case are made in Japan and less thread broken is avoided
4) Three-phase stepping motor is used to improving steadiness greatly and low noise-
5) Use High speed color-changed motor to save time for color changing