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Dear Sir,

We are LAIYANG XIANGRUI LADYBELL TEA PROCESSING FACTORY . We would like to introduce you a new type of health benefit tea, LADYBELL TEA. Using high-quality Chinese medicinal materials, such as Glehnia root and Gastrodia tuber, Xiangrui ladybell tea is made carefully by adopting new combined directions of folkremedy and further processing. Being rich in many amino acid, vitamin and a little alkaloid, the product has the function to nourish the yin essence and the lung, to get rid of cough and sputum, to soften the blood vessel, and to appease the tire. Drinking the product often can increase the immunity, to strengthen the body, to beautify face and to remain the youth. As the fashionest green healthy drink, it smells delicious and tastes nice.

Surely believe this new type will varify your product catalog , have good market potencial, and popular with your customer . keenly hope to have opportunity to cooperate with each other. If any inquiry, please feel free to contact with us. Thank you very much.

best regards,