Sell SELL SAW touch screen from 6.4" to 42"

SELL SAW touch screen from 6.4" to 42" You May Also Be Interested In: glass display

Surface acoustic Wave (SAW) technology provides better image clarity because it uses pure glass construction. A SAW touchscreen uses a glass display overlay and is suitable for screen sizes from 6.4" up to 42". When sound waves are transmitted across the surface of the display, each wave is spread across the screen by bouncing off reflector arrays along the edges of the overlay. Two receivers detect the waves. When the user touches the glass surface, the user!/s finger absorbs some of the energy of the acoustic wave and the controller circuitry measures the touch location. SAW Touchscreen technology is used in ATMs, Amusement, Gaming, Banking and Financial Applications and kiosks, POS etc. The technology is not able to be gasket sealed, and hence is not suitable to many industrial or commercial applications. Compared to resistive and capacitive technologies, it provides superior image clarity, resolution, and higher light transmission.

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