Sell SENNHEISER/SHURE/JBL/AKG wire microphone

SENNHEISER/SHURE/JBL/AKG wire microphone You May Also Be Interested In: sound levels
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Sennheiser: E-845S/828S/822IIS
Shure: SM48/58, PG8/58, BETA57A/58A/87A
JBL: M50S/60S/70S/90S
AKG: D660

sennheiser E-845S Description:
Extended high frequency response and supercardioid pick-up pattern for higher signal output, cuts through high on-stage sound levels. Smooth warm tonal response and full dynamic range, with presence lift for vocal clarity and projection. Consistent on/off axis and proximity response maintain sound quality while moving, providing greater on-stage freedom.

Full metal construction and extensive suspension and shock-mounting minimize handling noise and signal interference. High output performance microphone, offering power, clarity and projection (also available with a switch: e845-S) .
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