SERIES PVC PLASTIC DOOR’S PROFILES EXTRUSION LINE You May Also Be Interested In: plastic door profiles extrusion line pvc plastic
Series plastic doors and windows profiles extrusion line adopts the PVC powder lot to manufcture various plastic doors and windows profiles, the decorative sections tec, with reference to the latest overseas technology, it executes the optimized design for the unit . it has the advantages such as even plastification , small shear rate, high output, long use life and so on . The set is composed of the conical twinscres extruder, vacuum forming table, extractor, cutting laminator, stirring-up rack etc. The main frame employs the AC frequency conversion or the DC silicon-controllable drive. The temperature-control instrument&metre utilize the imported goods. The auxiliary vacuum pump and the electric vehicle motor use the excellent produces with easy maintenance. It may directly extrude the foam profile after the renewal of the screw and the mould . The effect is better than the single screw.

The forming table may select the specification ns such sa 4m,6m,8m,11m, etc according to different moulds . It is equipped with the parallel twin-screw main frame which is especially suitable for the high-speed extrusion of the profiles.