Sell SF- 360S Adsorb Type Single Facer

SF- 360S Adsorb Type Single Facer You May Also Be Interested In: pressure roller single facer upper roller
Design Speed: 180m/min
Expiry width: 1400mm-2200mm
Corrugated roller:#360mm
Vacuum adsorbable style transmitting cardboard equipment, with wind controlGlue roller and upper roller are designed to groups guideway slippage load-unload, convenient and swift.
Gimbal transmission, fission structure with unattached drive box, transmission more stable, close style gear transmission oiliness lubricated, prolong the use life of gear.
The upper corrugating roller, pressure roller and glue roller adopt pneumatic control.
The axletree of corrugated and pressure roller adopts high temperature resistant lube.
Adopt electromotion paste insulation set, the glue parts running separately while the main motor stopped, prevent paste from drying up. (Choise installs)
Electromotion adjusted figure show the glue quantity or manual adjust the glue quantity.
The upper-lower corrugating roller are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, after heat-treatment. The rigidity is HRC58-60o, the surface are whetted and plating chrome.