Sell SF6 outdoor circuit breaker

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1. General
LW3-12 I. II SF6 HV outdoor circuit breaker is a new type product that SF6 is taken for insulating and arc extinguishing. The arc-chute consists of a breaker and an operative mechanism, using rotating arc principle. Compared with the 10KV series outdoor breakers, this kind of product has obvious advantages, such as a simple structure, the higher reliability of insulating and arc extinguishing, a lower operative power, and a higher rated parameter, a longer electrical service life, a long maintenance free duration, and so on.
This kind of product can be divided into two types: Type I and Type II. The main difference is that, type I is fitted with a kind of manual energy storage mechanism operated by spring, mainly used on the pillar, and type II is equipped with motor-driven energy storage mechanism operated by spring which not only can be operated by hand directly or be controlled remote, but also can do coincide automatically, mainly used in the mini-medium substation for protecting and controlling.