Sell SG-TnBT: Tetra-n-butyl Titanate

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Tetra-n-butyl Titanate, with the cas no 5593-70-4, It is similar to the product of TYZOR TnBT produced by Du Pont company in America and AKT 850 from ABCR company in Germany.
It is light yellow clear viscous liquid at normal temperature, soluble in most organic solvents.
It has a density (250) of 1.0g/cm3, refractive index(200) 1.486, TiO2 content 23-24%, viscosity(200) 55-75 Mpas.
Ti Content (%) : 13.85-14.11
Refractive Index (200) : 1.4850-1.4950
It is mainly used to improve performance of polyester lacquer, and prepare hot resistant paint; In cross linking reactions It can make adhesives improve felt performance to polymers, and make paint ink improve adhesion to system; It is also used as catalyzer in rubber synthesis.