Sell SGB10 series dry type transformers

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SG (B) series non-sealed windings 3-phase dry transformer is made of NOMEX. insulation system approved by UL, and it has such advantages as safe, reliable, energy saving, fire-proof, explosion-proof, easy to maintain. With advanced design, reasonable, beautiful structure, its main performance index is high than normal standard, such as partial discharge, no-load loss, load loss, noise and the ability to suit for high moisture environment. It can be installed in the places near lakes, sea, rivers and with demanding of fire-proof, the products are suitable for high buildings, airports, bus station, docks, subways, hospitals, power plants, metallurgical industry, commercial central, residential areas as well as petrol-chemical plants, nuclear power and nuclear submarines.
1. Well designed structure and soaked in the vacuum, the transformer have no partial discharge, and during the service life, no chap and decline of insulation level occurs.
2. HV windings adopts continuous windings and LV foil winding, the whole soaked in the vacuum, and solidified, and supported with porcelain, the winding has high resistance to short current.
3. it also have the following features: difficult to burn, or burning-proof, no poison, self-extinguishing, fireproofing.
4. Burned by naked fire, there is not any smog on SG(B)10 series products.
5. This kind of products adopts H rank insulation.
6. Insulation layer is very thin and even, which has strong shortly over load ability, resistance to long term 120% and 140% over load for 3 hours.

Service condition:
Environment temperature:-500~+500
Altitudes: From sea level up to 1000m