Sell SGD-3300S  Upholstery fabric crochet Machine

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SGD-3300S cloth cover jacquard crocheting loom is based on model 1700s along with
exquisite designing by our engineers. It allows to embroider special patterns on a 3.3m cloth through the pattern chain plate hooks in making the window curtains for high-class hotels and large-sized conference halls as well as making decoration-purpose cloth and bedding articles, finished garments and diverse patternlaces. Driving is provided with an infinite speed regulation to make it possible to start the machine at a low speed, brake the machine quickly and have a step motion ata low speed to meet the needs of test and calibration of the machine. The machine is divided into two parts: the main frame and the yarn holding frame to facilitate the operation and maintenance. Furthermore, the spare parts are interchangeable. It is really a perfect machine for the knitting and garment industry.

Technical data:

Effective width of the machine: 3,300 (130 inches)
Per-inch needle number: 10, 15, 18G
Weft Bar: 4-6 bars
Creel: 260 yarn seats x 2
Yarn-breakage device: provided with an automatic device to stop at yarn breakage
S-moving device: maximum transversal movement 25mm
Main shaft speed: maximum running speed 200rpm
Motor power: Y100l 1-6/2.2kW
Yarn holding frame outside size (L x W x H) =2,080 x 1,700 x 2,750 x 2
Main frame outside size (L x W x H) = 5,100 x 1,150 x 2,000
Yarn holding frame weight: 230kg x 2
Main frame weight: about 3,000kg
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