Sell SGD168-A Flanged Bobbin Winding Machine

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SGD168-A type computerized flanged bobbin winding frame is used for rapid winding and non-twisting doubling of all kiinds of chemical fiber and staple fiber. lt has the structure of two sides and one layer. The whole machine is sprayed plastic. It is controlled by computer, regulated speed by frequency variation, and easy to operate. Its key parts are adopted overseas famous products. It is suitable for matching the equipment such as compound twisting machine and mechanical wrapped yarn machine.

Technical parameter:

Number of spindles: 60-120(adjustable)
Winding speed: max 700m/min
Winding bobbin type: flanged bobbin
System of motor: round chain
System of come and back:rounding chart
Main motor: y90s-6-0.75kw
Drive motor:y100L2-4-(60spindle 3kw,120spindle 5.5kw)
Products: polyester, filament yarn, cotton yarn
winding type: A: warp wind, B: weft wind, C: compound type wind, D: built-up type wind
Size: L14500 x W1400 x H1850 mm
Weight:about 2000kg
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