Sell SGS-2000L Series –Economic Type Lead-free Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

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Input Voltage: AC 90-125V AC180-240V, 50/60Hz
Input Power: 105W max
Temperature: 2500- 5000(482℉ -932℉ )
Dimension: 120(L) *130(W) *80(H)
Weight: 1.0KG

Main Features

1. System utilizes switching power supply to achieve an efficiency rate of near 85% and above; it is set with power factor compensation circuit, Q>=0.85.
2. It is designed with dynamic power, which allows an output of 105W maximum power, when soldering under low and high temperature.
3. It utilizes low-temperature soldering ability, efficient, quality solder joints can be achieved at 3200, which effectively extends tips life.
4. It intelligently identifies big and small soldering points and provides different temperature compensations
5. The temperature recovers rapidly and the maximum temperature decline is not more than 300
6. It is with reliable power supply system and strong anti-jamming.
7. The products all adopt heating elements and tips with long life, and excellent quality. Special design makes that tip replacement cost is a fraction other brands.

Model Description:

SGS-2000L: Input voltage AC180-240V, with Soldering iron SGI-902
SGS-2005L: ESD safe, input voltage AC180-240V, with Soldering iron SGI-902S
SGS-2010L: Input voltage AC90-125V, with Soldering iron SGI-902
SGS-2015L: ESD safe, input voltage AC90-125V, with Soldering iron SGI-902S

Model Number