Sell SH-G40 laser seal engraving machine

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1. Model: SH-G40 Laser Engraving Machine for seals
2. Applicable Materials
Various non-metal materials. Such as rubber, plxiglass, bowlder, crystal, wood, plastic etc. .
3. Applicable industry:
⑴ Mainly used for engraving of non-metal martials:rubber, plxiglass, ox horns, wood, atomic materials, crystal, bowlder, etc. .
⑵ Applying for processing of small-width artistic products. For the engraving of patterns and
characters on double-color planks, woodboard, bamboo piece, plxiglass, double-color plank, woodboard, bamboo piece and cloth. The patterns and characters engraved are real to life and pleasing to the eye.
⑶ For the engraving of titles, types, signs, patterns etc. on electronic parts, which will last for long. time.
4. Technical Parameters:
Laser Power 40W
Supply voltage AC220110% 50 HZ / AC110110% 50 HZ
Max carving Width 300x200(mm)
Working Conditions Temperature 50-350
Carving Speed 10mm/s
Resolution 0.015mm
Net Weight 20kg
Machine Dimension 800x500x250(mm)
Brand Name
ISO9001 and CE
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
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