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SH Series has its own characters, with facility, high resolution, which can be used not only for simple measurement of tension/compression force but also used for various testing purpose; such as switch test, connector insertion/withdraw test, and fracture test, is efficient push pull testing equipment in a new generation.

Product Trait:
1. High accuracy & High resolution: Accuracy : 10.5% Min resolution : 0.001N;

2. Peak holding and auto-releasing function: Catching and holding the peak value in test, the peak holding time can be set(1-10 seconds) ;

3. Comparing function: Initial input of the tolerance limit(Max/Min) enables the device to judge the measured result as Go(Green pilot lamp) /NG(Red pilot lamp) ;

4. Memory function: Memory 10 testing data, and calculate the average;

5. Units conversion: Converting three units(N, kgf, ibf) automatically;

6. LCD screen direction turning function: Pressing the unit key for 3 seconds, the LCD screen will change its direction;

7. Automatic power off function: Power off time (1-60minutes) can be set by yourself;

8. RS-232C output: Transmitting the data to Printer or computer, saving it into "Excel" for analysis or printing; Patent number:ZL200430151019.3, ZL200620013022.2.
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