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We can definitely assure the quality of the products we send to our customers. We believe we can keep balance with the other leading manufacturers in the quality but we can give you the more competitive price:
A, The materials and the spare parts of the shock absorber we produce are all in accordance with the leading manufacturers all over the world, the quality of which can be assured for the customers:
a) Piston rod: material---steel with 0.45% carbon on average
Chrome treatment: HV>900; Thickness: 0.15---0.10mm;
Surface roughness: Ra: 0.07---0.08
Crackle forming treatment, heat treatment (quench hardening) , and thread forming treatment to harden the piston rod and extend its life span, Phosphate treatment on the loading end as rust protection.
b) Pressure tube: steel with 20% carbon on average, cold pilger rolling (rolled precision seamless steel tubes)
The smoothness of the surface<0.4
Tolerances of the ID: 0.020.04mm
c) Oil seal: the top quality extorted seals form Japan, NOK
Material: butadiene-acrylonitrile rubberthe function of resisting heat and wear, strong bond force
d) Parts made by the powder: powder metallurgy (PM) , all the parts made in a time to guarantee the stable strength of the parts.
Piston: light or black (steam treatment to remove all the burrs and strengthen the function)
e) Welding: spot welding
Seam welding
Weld reinforcement
Painting: totally-enclosed automatic painting system
B, All the production machines and the testing facilities are offered by the professional factories.
C, Before delivering the goods to the customers, the final produce control---quality testing must be undertaken100% damp testing, very 5% of the products must take the endurance tests. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of all the products we send to our customers
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
45 days
Minimum Order Quantity
100 PCS
Terms of Payment
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Warranty Coverage
50,000 Kms