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Our company has more than 30 years' experience of research on the prevention and cure of plant diseases, we have developed "ShuLe"--a kind of product that can cure majority of plant diseases and can regulate the growth of plants. The following is the introduction about our product


[1] The rotten, ulcer, resin-flowing disease and ringspot disease usually happen to forest trees and fruit trees. These diseases are the key to do seriously harm to the whole tree, and difficult to deal with both at home and abroad. The incidence of disease for these diseased trees in our country is up to 70% to 80%. The farm chemicals are allowed to sell in the market once its incidence of cure reaches 46%, according to the standard issued by state ? ministry. While the incidence of cure of our "ShuLe" reaches up to 93.6%, its effective rate 100%.

[2]The source of Rotten disease, ulcer, ringspot originate from the cut part and the weak growing cortex invading the subcutaneous cortex, thus leading to the rotten and then cutting off the supply of nutrition, which causes the insufficient supply of nutrition, then the death of the whole tree. The resin-flowing disease originates from the flowing-out of the resin of the tree(usually caused by the outside injury and worms) .

[3]The harm brought by ringspot disease is more serious, esp. for these coming down with this disease in the early stage, although they don't die, has long florescene and high rate of yielding, and are vigorous in growing period, when they step into the ripenning period, there are many fruits dropping. It usually results in the low harvest, and trees will die in large square in the later period. At present, not only the mature trees has such kind of disease, but also the newly-planted ones do.

[4]Trees rejuvenation, there are lots of unidentified pollutants in the air causing the weak and death of the tree, they badly need rejuvenation to strenthen its vigor.

[5]"ShuLe" can speed up the cure processing of the cutting injury and decrease the incidence of infection.

Characteristics of Product:

[1]This kind of regulatory chemical is composed of natrual plants and minerals, without any chemical synthetic substance, its effecting mechanism differs from that of chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, there will be no trace and pollution left after use, which is more security both to people and livestock becaouse of its non-poisonous characteristics. This is in line with the international concept of green and without environmental pollution.

[2]This chemical can effectively restrain and kill the fungus reproduction and growing. According to 20 years' tracing and testing, the rate of it effectiveness to rotten disease reaches 100%, rate of cure 93.6%, with no relapse.

[3]It has strong abitlity of adhesive force, can rapidly permeate the cell issue of the tree and can stand the erosion.

[4]It can relax the issue of the tree bark, strenthening its conveying ability, stimulating the vigor of the tree and its cell division activity, so that promoting the formation of thicker layer and the strenth of the whole tree.

[5]For these injury left by cutting, this chemical can speeds up the cure processing of the injury and lessen the rate of infection from the diseased worms.

[6]It can effectively prevent the diseased worms' reproduction inside the tree.
[7]Its application isn't influnced by seasons, it can be used all around the year.

The working mechanism of "ShuLe"

1. Protection effect
1) . Some constituents in "ShuLe" preparation can destroy the protoplasts of the cells with germs, which results in changing the proteins characteristics.
2) . Some constituents in "ShuLe" preparation can destroy the activity of the ferments and the role of oxidation reduction.
3) . Some constituents in "ShuLe" preparation can destroy or exert trace elements that are necessary for germs to grow.
4) . "ShuLe" can inhibit the production process of the germs.

2. Treat Effect: Kill or inhibit the original sources leading to diseases
"ShuLe" preparation takes effect through its influence to the synthesis of the germs, to the cell core and cell division, and to the formation of ferments and its activity.

3. Immune effect: "ShuLe" preparation can consolidate the connection between the constituents of the cell wall and the calcium bridge, it also can resist the role played by Portuguese polygalacturonase C491, which makes it difficult for the dissociation of the aggregation, thus to reduce the rate of the rotten disease.

4. Strengthening Effect:
"ShuLe" preparation can speed up the cells division inside the trees, regulate the secretion of the endogenous hormone secretion and speed up the conveying function of the trees, thus make the trees stronger and to resist more diseases.

Our product has good preventing and treating effect to all fruit and forest trees.

Application instructions:

1. For treating trees diseases: dilute the preparation to water at 1:5 to 1:10, applying averagely the dilution to the trees at the length of 1.82.0meters.
2. For prevention from diseases and strengthen trees: dilute the preparation to water at 1:301:60, applying averagely to the trees.