Sell SIM Card Backup with LED Flashlight

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SIM Card Backup/LED Flashlight
Item No. : HZ-202
Keychain SIM Card Backup, LED Flashlight.
Storage of backup machine is 8KB, 250 telephone number can be copy (all type)
No need of computer connection
formations can!/t be lose in case of mobile phone problem, two sim cards can be copy in one backup machine
If user need to use different type of Sim Card in different countries, it can be storage in one Sim Card as well
It can't lose any data even battery exhaust

Packing: 200 pcs/Carton
Unit size: 7.0*4.0*1.5 CM
Means: 45*42*36.5 CM
Net Weight/Gross Weight: 10.5/11.7 Kgs


Keyring SIM card backup device.
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Mini SIM Card Recorder, SIM card backup, sim reader ShenZhen factory.
Cellphone SIM cards' phone list and message backup, mobile telephone SIM card phone list informational back and restore.
Everyone from your grandma to your teenage neighbour has a mobile phone these days, and everyone has their own reasons for having one. Whether you use it for work or just to send naughty text messages, the reality is that mobiles have become completely indispensable to us.

All of the phone numbers we ever use are stored in them on a small chip about half the size of your average postage stamp, so we no longer have to write down or memorise anyone's number.

Which is why losing your mobile can spell complete catastrophe - lose your phone, lose your social life. While the phone itself is replaceable, replacing those lost phone numbers can turn out to be a bigger drama than anything the Neighbours writers could ever dream up.

But with the SIM Backup Keyring, you can be assured that regardless of how absentminded you are with your mobile phone, you'll always have your precious numbers on hand. . . and you don't have to worry about getting RSI from writing them all down either. Simply pop your SIM card into this gadget and have all your numbers copied into its internal memory, with the simple press of a button.

This nifty little unit is compact enough to hang off your keyring - although it's probably not such a good idea to do so if you habitually lose your keys! The unit stores up to 250 phone numbers and, even if its battery runs out, you won't lose any stored info.

Simply a must for any mobile phone user.