Sell SIP/IAX2 IP Phone-PH802 Support Presence-Online Status

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Support Protocol
SIP (RFC3261, RFC3265)
Support IAX2.
Voice codec: 711a/u, 729a/b
G. 168 echo cancellation standard, compliant 96ms with speaker mode
Support the adjustment of volumn: Including the input/output of handset and the speaker.
Jitter Buffer, VAD, CNG, SIP/IAX2, Domain name register, point-to-point Call
Support the switch automatically of SRV main backup server
Support the Inbound/Outbound transmission; SIP info, DTMF Relay, RFC2833
Standard ring for many countries
NAT transversal: Support STUN, CITRON, AVS Mode
Support SIP domain, SIP Authentication(none, basic, MD5) , Domain Name parse
Support two SIP server synchronously, including Pubic Server/ Private server, can make a call by either proxy
Support redundancy public server, can auto switch to backup server when there is trouble with the host server.
Support SIP application, including SIP Call forward/transfer/holding/waiting.
Support the presence state of server and the presence mechanism of Peer-to-peer

Network Features
Support two models: Bridge and Router, integrate two ports router function.
Support basic NAT and NAPT.
Support PPPoE for xDSL, and support to dial numbers automatically while hanging up the phone.
Support DHCP Client for WAN.
Support DHCP server for LAN.
Support DNS relay for LAN, can provide the LAN Network equipment with DNS service.
Support the domain parse DNS SRV on WAN port;
Support SNTP Client, can capture the time automatically from the network;
Use advanced DSP tech to insure high quality voice;
Use advanced jitter buffer tech to prevent the delaying and losing for package information;
Support Network Tools, including ping, race route, telnet client
Support three modes to configure IP on the WAN port, they are: Static, DHCP, and PPPoE.
Provide small LAN to controlthe firewall;
Provide small LAN with the optional priority level;
Support Secondly Layer QoS(802.1p) .

Advanced Function
IP PBX special function, support 10 groups booking extension numbers, can display directly the online state of the booking numbers by the indicator. If the indicator is green, means it is online; The indicator is green and twinkle, means it is in the course of the call; If red, means it is offline.
Support the voice message, play the message by one key, IVR personality record the message, voice hints.
Call in displays, call out ban, setting no-disturb, answer automatically, dial number automatically while picking up the telephone, quick dial;
Dial waiting, call transfer, three ways call, multi-dial forward;
Setting the black namelist and confine numbers;
Support point-point calling directly;
Setting the ended number methods;
Setting the ended number add, delete and substitution;
Setting the fixed calling ways;
Use the number directory to record the contact name, number and address;
Support to restrain the volume, call detection;
Support the background yawp;
Support to restrain echo and auto gain;
Support DIGEST validate and MD5/MD5-sess encapsulation.

Administration and Maintenance
Support POST mode and modify by the POST mode
Configure by web, key, Telnet, support keypad to operate the IP phone, administrate and set the phone by Http and Telnet, also support the user to filtrate the IP address;
Update software and configure the files by HTTP, FTP, TFTP
Support system log
Setting many administers and user name, password; Support Telnet in the opposite direction to go through NAT/FIREWALL and administrate the phone by Telnet.

Hardware Index
Model PH802
Network Interface 2 * RJ45 10/100 Base-T
Key Appearance 36 buttons, 1 LCD, 2 POWER lights
Standard AC Adapter Input: 220V50Hz 70mAOutput: 9V350mA 3.15VA
Dimension Length: 295mmWidth: 205mmHeight: 75mm
Weight 1.2kg
Operation Temperature 0-40 Centigrade
Humidity 10-65%(No-dew)
Brand Name
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Available Colors
can be customed made
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Minimum Order Quantity
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1 year free repair