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Network features

1) Supporting SIP 2.0 and 1.0 protocol

2) Supporting NAT transverse: STUN mode

3) Supporting static/dynamic WAN-IP-Addressing and PPPOE

4) Supporting in-band DTMF and out-of band RFC2833 DTMF

5) Supporting proxy mode and peer-to-peer SIP link mode

Voice in superb quality, smooth conversation

1) Codec: G.711 A/u, G.723.1High/low, G.726 and G.729A/B

2) Supports: VAD (voice activity detection) , CNG (comfortable noise generator) , AEC (acoustic echo canceller) , LEC (line echo canceller) , packet loss compensation and
adaptive jitter buffer

Easy to use

1) Rich call functions: call forward, 3-way conference, call hold, caller ID display
and call waiting.

2) Adjustable stand, big LCD with blue backlight and big characters give you better
LCD review

3) Phone functions: volume adjustment, speed dial, phone book, flash and speaker phone

4) Can be configured through web browser, console/telnet or keypad

5) Firmware can be upgraded
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