Sell SIP compatiable VOIP Phone

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1, standalone operation, no computer needed
2, uses broadband cable/xdsl or network connection for high quality voice over ip
3, supports sip, h.323 v4, compatible with most of the h.323 v1-v4 system and equipment
4, large lcd screen display
5, with single/double rj45 broadband socket
6, with h.323 proxy server inside
7, startup h.245 tunnel quickly
8. Supports h.245 and q.931 keypad out-band dtmf transfering method
9, send and receive incoming caller id with q.931 protocol
10, supports calling directly to ip address
11, supports e.164 telephone number calling when gatekeeper used
12, search the gatekeeper in lan automatically
13, supports calling to pstn normal telephone with prepaid card issued by itsp(net2phone, etalk etc. )
14, supports pppoe(connect to internet with adsl and cable modem)
15, user can set the phone with standard web browser(internet explorer 6.0) or using telnet software
16, online software upgrade with ftp
17, supports g.723.15.3k/6.3k g.729, g.711a-law\u- law voice encoding and decoding arithmetic
18, dynamic voice inspection, cng(comfort noise generation) , dynamic voice jitter buffer
19, according with g.165 16ms echo counteraction
20, according with itu-t standard tone(dialing tone, busy tone etc. ) and dtmf tone generation and inspection
21, supports the dialing rule basing on e.164 coding
22, up to 112 groups of fast dialing numbers
23,40 groups of incoming and outgoing numbers in memory
24 16 groups of voice message; volume of handset adjustable; volume of speaker adjustable; voice guide