Sell SJ-10 GM prog

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Product Name: SJ-10 GM prog
Part No. : G122
Net Weight: 0.6KG

program KM from OBD2 for GM car:

Alero 98-
Boneville 01-
Century 98-
GrandAM 98-
Impala 00-05
Intrigue 98-
Montana 00-05
Monte carlo 00-
Silhouette 00-
Venture 00-

Contact SJ-10 to the car

1. Press OK , car list will be show

2. Choose car that you want. press OK, old km will be show

But only for REGAL and CENTURY , can't see old km. will be show

3. Press to put in the new km.

4. Press OK to program.

5. And km will be changed