Sell SLCO for sale

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SLCO 20M bbls and up x 60 discount 11/8

Standard ARAMCO procedures apply.
Need LOI/ICPO with full banking coordinates and
soft probe permission and BCL.

1. Buyer submits freshly dated LOI or ICPO with full banking coordinates and Soft Probe Permission, Refinery Numbers and ARAMCO registration number. (see Note 1 below)
2. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO) .
3. Buyer accepts FCO, confirmed by signed and seal on the FCO and submits BCL to Seller.
4. Seller issues POP and Draft Contract for Buyer's review. (see Note 2 below)
5. Buyer sign and seal and returns the signed Contract to the Seller for signature.
6. After verification of the above by the Seller, the Seller issues 6 Hard Copy originals and sends to Buyer by DHL, or transaction can be done via SWIFT wire.

Note 1. Submitting the BCL with the LOI or ICPO can save time. Upon verification of BCL, seller will issue POP.

Note 2. After receipt of the BCL ARAMCO will invite the buyer to a mutually convenient location for negotiating contract details and contract signing.

John Edwards